We develop and produce FF&E contract cabinetry
and upholstery made by us since the beginning of
the process until the end

We have an adecuate production for every type of model or project. Skilled and long experienced Spanish handcrafters do their best to accomplish with best custom made products or either produce our standard range of furniture and seating, which will pass the necessary quality controls at every step.

Quality and Flexibility

Quality products start with quality service and follow the necessary quality controls at the different steps of the production.

We engineer and manufacture everything we do to the quality and standards expected by our clients, placing high value on reviewing every detail since the first prototype development until the whole production of the order.

Because of this complete and personalized process, we can be extremely flexible to
produce either short than large quantities and work with different materials from wood
to steel, stainless steel, using stones, lacquers, varnishes, fabrics, leathers, etc…


Your designs will be 100% made by specialized handcrafters and only with highest standards of materials and finishes.

Custom made

The custom made production process starts by studying your specifications with a personal and cared attention, so that every detail about design and hotel concept is understood and respected.

Thanks to our production flexibility, knowhow and easy sourcing for special finishes or materials, we will suggest about the best production solution for your designs.

After technical drawings approval and prototypes revision, your designs will become reel contract use furniture, adequated to the spaces created by you and not forgetting about people that is going to use it and that is going to work with them.


As well as to our custom made production, we offer a standard range of products made under the same standards of quality, contract use guaranteed and that could be modified to adapt to your project and needs.